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ID> own.003 ::: Guest Resort San Francisco de la Sierra

Object Data
WC/Bathrooms8Open FiresideYes
Cable TV / SatYesDSL / InternetYes
TerraceYesSwimming Pool / HallYes
Carport / Parking LotYes 


The resort was built 12 years ago. It consists of a club house with two restaurants, a bar, a large swimming pool, five guest houses plus surrounding land of about 5,50 hectares including a little lake for watering and irrigation, a barn and garages. Furthermore a large greenhouse belongs to the property that provides fresh vegetables for the restaurants.
The club/main house and the 5 guest houses provide the full range of facilities which are useful and needed to run a successful resort. There are a total of 16 bedrooms, each guest house with a 6- bed capacity, living/dining room with chimney. Main house and guest houses are equipped with a total of 8 bathrooms. All buildings have air conditioning. The club/main house provides a big playroom, a reading room, a bar with dance floor, staff rooms and office/business facilities with high speed internet.

Location / Vicinity / Neighborhood / Environment

Embedded in the rolling foothills of the “Cuchilla Grande” San Francisco de las Sierras is located in one of the most scenic landscapes in Uruguay. It is a perfectly situated starting point that invites the visitor to discover the many places of interest that this beautiful country has to offer. About 85 km from Montevideo with its famous historic districts in old Spanish architecture - 45 km from Punta del Este which is the Monte Carlo of the South Americas - or 35 km for bathing at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Piriapolis at the Uruguayan Riviera. The closest shopping facilities are in Minas. The property’s access road, “routa 12” is paved and in good condition.

Conditions / Current State
The two restaurants, with a large and modern kitchen are integrated in the main building and have the capability to serve a large amount of guests additional to the resort guests. There are also outdoor facilities with baking oven for bread and pizza as well as barbeque-grills for one of the traditional ‘asados’.

Others / Miscellaneous

With its 5,50 hectares of land, the resort holds all features for a wide range of future-oriented investments. For instance a recreation centre could be integrated with sports facilities such as tennis courts, football grounds, miniature golf, fitness center and much more. This makes the property quite attractive especially in financial terms since recreation and tourism are also fast growing markets in Uruguay.

Financial Information
Price1.200.000 US $Brokerage3

Object Location
Routa 12
30000 Minas

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