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General Terms and Conditions for Offerors
General terms and conditions for collaboration with offerors of real estates.
  1. Preface

    Below are the general terms and conditions for marketing sales and rental objects on Uruguay-Property.Net, concerning the relation of Uruguay-Property.Net and the offerers of such objects.

  2. Fees

    Placement of real estates of any kind on Uruguay-Property.Net is free of costs, without limits and without obligation, both for commercial and private parties. There is no kind of contract obligation.

  3. Uruguay-Property.Net services

    Uruguay.Property.Net will provide exposés based on submitted object data online via internet to interested requestors. Selection of suitable requestors and suitable offers is subject of Uruguay.Property.Net. Uruguay.Property.Net is out to adopt it´s services to current technical developments and trends of market.
    Thus, Uruguay.Property.Net reserves subjects to modifications of the agreed services. There is no legal claim to granting our free services. Uruguay-Property.Net may even, at any time, at it´s own discretion, deny further usage at any time.

  4. Specifications of offerors

    The Offeror commits itself to solely submit reliable offers of real estates to Uruguay-Property.Net and to accurately and truthfully compose the provided information about the offer - and to deactivate it immediatly, in case the object is no longer available (e.g. sold or reserved). Furthermore, the offeror commits to offer only real estates which are in his own inventory or for which he has a contract of bringing them to market.
    The offeror is exclusively responsible for content and correctness of his submitted data. At this juncture he is obliged to indicate truthfully all essential characteristics and criteria of the offered reality.

    The user of this service is in exclusive charge of correctness, legal admissibility of the submitted texts, pictures and URLs. We are not obliged to inspect passed entries of interference with rights of third parties. The user commits itself additionally not to submit data, whose content violate rights of third parties (e.g. personal rights, rights of naming, trademarks), or which offend existing laws. Furthermore the user is obliged to exempt us from demands of third parties, which might accrue from publishing texts, pictures, hyperlinks on Uruguay.Property.Net. We exclude any kind of responsibility which results from usage of our services. This also includes refunding costs for necessary legal advisors.

    Executed entries in Urugay-Property.Net are automatically submitted by the user into our database. Despite we - in case needed - manually review for the purpose of adhering to morality or for reasons of consistent appearance, we are neither responsible, nor liable for correctness of the provided information.

    Offers which are solely designed for the purpose of attracting attention of interested parties, are considered abuse and will be removed from Uruguay-Property.Net after one prior notice. Such offers are e.g.:

    • False and/or faulty statements concerning the objects address.
    • Misuse of exposés as advertising space for the own company.
    • Redirection of interested parties to internet or telephone services, liable to charge costs.
  5. Inalienability and confidentiality

    Rights of the offeror arising out of this contract are not transferable.

    The password, which allows the offeror to access the personal area, thus allowing to submit data, has to be kept strictly confidential and may in no case passed over to third parties. The offeror takes suitable and appropriate measures to avoid third parties to gain access of his password.
  6. Rights

    All rights (copyrights, trademarks, other property rights) on the database and the included contents, data and other elements are exclusively reserved by Uruguay-Property.Net. Any rights of the offeror on its uploaded content are in no way affected by this.

  7. Utilization of information obtained by Uruguay-Property.Net

    Both, offeror and interested parties have, within the limits of these terms of use, the right to use the search forms offered by Uruguay-Property.Net, to view several data sets and to print them, for the purpose of making them permanently visible.
    Automated queries using scripts or the like are not allowed. References to copyrights may not be modified. Gained data may not be used, neither completely, nor partially nor in extract:

    1. For creation of an own database in any medial form and/or
    2. for commercial data evaluation nor information services  and/or
    3. any other commercial utilization.

    Linkage, integration or other concatenation of the database or single elements of the database with other databases or meta databases is impermissible.

    Furthermore Uruguay-Property.Net achieves the right to revise content, especially when they do not match requirements mentioned in paragraph 4 of these terms of use.

    The offeror is obliged to use information which he gains from requests only in coherence with the intended property deal. Any relaying of information to third parties or usage of this information for other purposes is forbidden.

  8. Guarantee of the lowest prices

    The offerer is obliged not to place exaggerated prices in his exposés. An exaggerated price exists, if the offeror offers the object otherwise for a lower price.
  9. Explicit note about asking brokers courtage

    Offers for which a courtage will be asked, in relation to the case of a closing date, have to explicitly mention this within the offer, quoting the amount of the courtage.
  10. Sending complemental information and offers, additional offer spreading

    Uruguay-Property.Net is authorized, but not obliged, to communicate to offerors and requestors, own and foreign additional information or offers, which among other things are related to the intended selling, buying, letting or renting. Uruguay-Property.Net is also authorized, but not obliged, to supplementary spread the offer, free of charge for the offeror, to cooperating property markets.
  11. Storage of data

    All data passed to Uruguay-Property.Net from their offerors is exclusively stored and processed by Uruguay-Property.Net for purposes mentioned above. Doing so, Uruguay-Property.Net adheres to corresponding data protection laws.
    Personal data will not be handled over or sold to others.

  12. Liability

    Any liability of Uruguay-Property.Net toward offerors is impossible, in any case.

  13. Modification of these terms of usage, severability clause

    1. Uruguay-Property.Net reserves to change these terms of usage anytime and without giving reasons. The modified conditions will be sent to the user via email, two weeks before they come into effect.  If the user does not contradict validity within two weeks after receiving this email, the new terms of usage will be considered accepted. Urguay-Property.Net will additionally refer to the relevancy of this time limit within the email which includes the new conditions.
    2. Provided that one or more conditions of these terms and conditions are ineffective, the other conditions still remain intact. The ineffective condition is to be replaced with one which reflects meaning and purpose in a way that fits best. The same applies to possible hiatuses of regulation.
up-to-date: June 2008
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