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General Terms and Conditions for Interested Parties
General terms and conditions for collaboration with parties interested in real estates.
  1. Preface

    Below are the general terms and conditions for handling requests of Uruguay-Property.Net.

  2. Access to the Database of Uruguay-Property.Net

    Being an internet agency, we do not act as a real estate agency, thus we do not communicate properties. Please contact the particular offerors of the objects directly.

    Uruguay-Property.Net permits interested parties of real estates free of charge access via internet to suitable objects in the Uruguay-Property.Net database. There is no legal claim to granting this, Uruguay-Property.Net may even refuse further usage at any time.

  3. Utilization of information obtained by offers

    Information obtained by access to Uruguay-Property.Net database may only be used personally and only in coherence with concrete interest in acquisition or rental of the demanded object. All rights (copyrights, trademarks, other property rights) on the database and the included contents, data and other elements are exclusively reserved by Uruguay-Property.Net. Any rights of the offeror on its uploaded content are in no way affected by this.
    The requestor has, within the limits of these terms of use, the right of using the search forms offered by Uruguay-Property.Net, to view several data sets and to print them, for the purpose of making them permanently visible.
    Automated queries using scripts or the like is not allowed. References to copyrights may not be modified. The requestor may not use the gained data, neither completely, nor partially nor in extract:

    1. for creation of an own database in any medial form and/or
    2. for commercial data evaluation nor information services  and/or
    3. any other commercial utilization.

    Linkage, integration or other concatenation of the database or single elements of the database with other databases or meta databases is impermissible.

  4. No guarantee for correctness of content of offers or published conditions

    Offers: Uruguay-Property.Net passes information given to Uruguay-Property.Net, while bringing together offerors and interested parties.
    Uruguay-Property.Net doesn´t take responsibility, in no case,  for correctness regarding content, which was passed to Uruguay-Property.Net. It´s the specific offeror, which is responsible for its contents.
    Concerning the offer itself, conditions of the offeror apply.
  5. Storage of data

    All data passed to Uruguay-Property.Net from their requestors is exclusively stored and processed by Uruguay-Property.Net for purposes mentioned above. Doing so, Uruguay-Property.Net adheres to corresponding data protection laws.
    Transfer of data to others does not happen.
  6. Liability

    Any liability of Uruguay-Property.Net toward requestors is impossible, in any case.

up-to-date: Juni 2008

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